Full service Blackwater Fossil diving charters with Captain Alan Devier!

“In search of giant Megalodon teeth for over 10 years, it is a true passion which I enjoy sharing with other experienced divers on the Cooper & Wando Rivers here in Charleston, S.C. I pride myself in offering the only charter to guarantee success”

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Trip & Charter Diaries

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Media Appearances

Jonathan Bird’s Blue World

The video below was filmed over several days and it gives a great look into the conditions we encounter each day on this beautiful river.

Thanks to Jonathan Bird’s Blue World for spending a few days with us diving here in the Lowcountry!

Gone Digging Live from the Relic Room ft. Alan Devier.

“…featuring Alan Devier owner and operator of Holy City Divers which is a charter service that operates on the Cooper River in South Carolina. This is going to be a really fun stream we will be talking about diving for fossils, artifacts and everything involved! Im really excited to feature Alan. He is know as one of the best on the Cooper and this is going to be a blast!”

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Happy Hunter Testimonials

“Big Thanks to Captain Alan Devier who dropped me right where the good stuff was hiding. First fossil of the first dive was the infant mastodon molar, would’ve been happy if that was all I found all day but the teeth never stopped…  Honerable mention to the big chunk of tusk I found on the last dive plus all the monsters in between!”

William Georgitis

“What a day on the river…or I should say “in” the river. Thanks Captain Alan Devier for another awesome day! Not only did I find a 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 inch meg tooth (heartbreaker with a missing corner), I witnessed Justin Hurst bring up one or the rarest artifacts I’ve ever seen…a banner stone.”

Brian Tovin

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