Dive Info

Certification/Experience required:

Open Water Certification is the only formal cert required. However, each diver should be comfortable diving alone and 100% certain they can handle an emergency without panicking. It’s very difficult to buddy dive due to the low visibility (normally 1’ to 4’).

We strongly encourage you to dive at least 2 consecutive days to have the best opportunity to find that Monster Meg or other Fossil of your Dreams!

What’s Included?

Extra weight, bottled water, Gatorade, light snacks and plenty of cooler space for a sandwich or snack that you would like to bring.

Also includes a GUARANTEE that you will find Megalodon Teeth and other fossils or the trip is Free!

Dive Profiles:

Depths of the dive sites range from 15’ to 60’ with an average depth of 30-35’. Dive times normally run 45 to 75 minutes depending on each individuals rate of consumption.