Gear list/setup

Gear Configuration

Diving the blackwater rivers of SC really isn’t diving as much as it is crawling on the bottom. You can expect strong currents and very limited visibility.

All of your gear should be serviced per manufacturer’s recommendations and in good working condition. Your gear should be streamlined as much as possible and secured closely to your body to avoid having them drag in the mud and gravel. You should be able to immediately touch any of your gear without having to look for it. Your pressure gauge (SPG) should be attached to a D ring so you can easily read it.

Weight: the best way to minimize the effort it takes to work into the current is to use extra weight. I usually wear 15+ pounds more than I would diving in open water. You will need a BC or Wing that is capable of lifting this extra weight safely. It should have a minimum of 45lbs of lift. More is always better in this case.

Gear List

We have any gear that you need available for rent. I can also provide air fills.

  • Regular SCUBA Gear – Mask, Regulator, Fins, weight belt, wetsuit or drysuit.
  • Tanks – available for rent if needed; Aluminum 80s & a limited number of Steel 100-120s.
  • Primary Light – head mounted lights work best & you will want a very bright light set up since there is no natural light penetration below about 15’. Extremely bright LED Head mounted lights are available for rent. We also sell complete, ready to dive Helmet light set ups in several options and price ranges. Ask for details. We guarantee that we’ll beat any other price out there on the same product.
  • Backup Light
  • Spike type tool or Screwdriver with lanyard – to drive into the bottom. This will assist you in working into the current. (Screwdrivers available on boat at no additional cost)
  • Knee pads – you will be crawling on the bottom more than anything else (volleyball type knee pads work well or leg pieces from an old wetsuit, Lowes/Home Depot type also work as long as they will stay tight and not slide down to your ankles in the current). These protect your knees and the knees of your wetsuit.
  • Goody Bag – to put your finds in (these are also kept on boat and sold at cost if needed).
  • SMB (safety sausage/surface marker) – This is a mandatory safety item during the spring and summer months due to boat traffic.