What can be found?

The variety of items that can be found is huge. Even now after years of diving here I am still surprised at times what is brought up from the bottom. Here is just a little glimpse into some of the treasures that can be found.

For more please check out the gallery “River Treasures”

Megalodon Teeth & Verts

Angustiden Teeth



Whale Teeth & Earbones


Although rarer, complete stingray barbs and mouthplates have been found here in the cooper.

Ancient Artifacts

As well as an abundance of fossils, Native American artifacts are also often found. These range from Spear points, Pottery, Banner stones and more.

“Modern” Artifacts

Whilst old, when compared to the Fossils and Native artifacts, these finds are “Modern”. Bottles & Bullets dating as far back as the Revolutionary War and earlier can be found amongst other items.